This setup, called the ‘Whopper XL’, caused an uproar on social media 😱⁣
Why? It turns out so many parents with 3+ children struggle to find a balance between sleeping surfaces and ample storage space. If this sounds like you, we can help! ⁣
✅ The setup shown features solid wood bunk beds with stairs. ⁣
✅ Each step in the staircase offers a pullout storage drawer. ⁣
✅ The beds are Twin XL sized – which means they are 4″ longer than a standard twin (great if you’ve got adults staying over). This bed can also be designed with a standard Twin, Full or Full XL. ⁣
✅ The model shown is a “high bunk” which means there is more headroom between the bottom and top bunk. Maxtrix also offers medium and low height options. ⁣
✅ Optional under bed dresser drawers provide even more storage space -OR- the optional trundle bed could provide even more sleeping space! ⁣
At Sleepy Hollow, we have a design team that includes parents and grandparents, so rest assured we will listen to your needs and help build a solution for your growing family. ⁣
For more information about the Maxtrix Gallery at Sleepy Hollow, give us a call or come visit our showroom in Ottawa South. We’d love to chat! ⁣
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