Maxtrix Kids Furniture

Maxtrix Kids Furniture is the world’s largest manufacturer of functional furniture systems. In 2005, they pioneered the idea that a bed that could be reconfigured as kids’ grew. Their innovative modular system means that bedroom furniture configurations can can customized and tailored to a child’s growing needs or your lifestyle setup (think cottages or vacation rental properties). Slides, tents, storage drawers and more are designed to be switched out simply and easily. With many different colours, styles and sizes to choose from, Maxtrix has made it easy to design and re-design your perfect solution.

XL & Queen Collections

In the last two years, Maxtrix added some highly sought after requests: Queen and Extra Long size bunk beds. Adults won’t mind bunking up with the extra space afforded by these beds. Specifically designed for teens, college students, guest rooms, vacation houses and kids at heart, these new larger beds are the perfect size for growing families.

Maxtrix also increased the weight capacity on their already super sturdy top bunks. The new XL beds can now bear up to 2,200 lbs! That’s literally a ton!!

When you shop Maxtrix and see beautiful bunks like their twin classic bunks and twin over full bunks, just keep in mind that any of these twin and full size configurations are also available in XL or Queen sizes.

Already a Maxtrix customer? Easily convert your twin or full size Maxtrix bed to an XL version over time – you just need to add longer rails, a new slat roll and the under-bed support beam!

Or, start from a younger age with a twin XL daybed or basic bed that can one day convert to a XL or Queen Bunk bed when your child gets older!

Save 10% on Maxtrix XL at Sleepy Hollow

Maxtrix offers 43 (and counting!) different XL and Queen bunk bed configurations. And during the month of April 2022, you can save 10% off any XL combination order. Come explore all your options at Sleepy Hollow Children’s Furniture in the heart of Ottawa South.