Bumbleride Strollers

Are you looking for a stroller for your baby or babies? The team at Sleepy Hollow have done the research and have chosen the BumbleRide Stroller brand as the one to own. They are safe and adhere to all the Canadian Safety Standards. They are strong, withstanding time and again our Canadian winters and can be used on trails. Finally, they are light-weight and compact, capable of going anywhere. If you are seeking a versatile, go-where stroller, you owe it to yourself to come test drive the Bumbleride.

Bumbleride Goes Green

Soft, durable fabric that not only looks good, but is also good for baby!

Bumbleride Fabrics

In 2013, Bumbleride Strollers made a transition and opted to offer parents a product better for baby and the environment. Certainly a monumental undertaking, but one Bumbleride felt was strongly needed.  Bumbleride shifted to a 50% Recycled PET exterior and a 50% Bamboo Charcoal interior.  Polyester is known for its durability and vibrancy.

What does it mean to use recycled PET?

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is a polyester commonly used in packaging, including water bottles.  At Bumbleride, the team is working to ensure materials already in existence are being repurposed into new materials, including fabric.  For example, “it takes about 14 water bottles to produce one set of Indie fabric. One cubic yard of landfill space is conserved by recycling 4,800 water bottles.”

What does it mean to use Bamboo Charcoal?

Bamboo Charcoal is derived from a process which involves the breakdown of fibres into nano-sized particles, which are then infused into polyester fabric.  Considered an excellent choice for infant, children and youth fabrics, bamboo charcoal is effective at absorbing moisture, regulating temperature and can help prohibit bacterial growth in the seating area and folds of your stroller fabric.  Bamboo charcoal is also surprisingly soft and durable, yet looks good and is healthy against baby’s skin.

Onya Baby Carriers


From the streets of Ottawa to the hills of Gatineau Park, the Outback Baby Carrier by Onya Baby offers an innovative approach to the soft-structured carrier. Manufactured from robust rip-stop nylon on the exterior and stay-cool mesh lining on the interior, baby and parent will both stay comfortable on quick outings or long hikes.

The Outback Baby Carrier can be worn for front-pack carry, as a backpack, or even on the hip. It includes a hidden, integrated seat designed to fit almost any chair – a perfect way to ensure baby has a seat should you stop at a restaurant without a high chair or booster seat.

The Outback Baby Carrier is machine washable, and boasts a combined carry load (child + cargo) of 34kg/75lbs.

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