Sara Haley, known for her #ExcuseProof Workout series and popular Sara Haley Fitness page, recently included the Bumbleride Speed as part of her list of “Must-Have Fitness Items for Expecting and New Moms”.

The segment, which aired on CBS Los Angeles, noted that Bumbleride strollers make it easy to develop or return to a workout routine as a new mom. The Speed was praised for being a very lightweight running stroller with top-notch swivel technology. Therefore, the Speed suits any parent or caregiver who wants to casually stroll, speed walk or run.

Sara went on to explain what features she considers the best of the best on the Bumbleride Speed Stroller:

Some of my other favorite features of the stroller include: 1) It’s eco-friendly – made of 100% recycled polyester and 28 post-consumer water bottles per stroller which gives it it’s ultra-soft texture. 2) It has a foldable bumper bar to protect your baby or toddler. 3) It has a parent wrist strap & reflective logos. 4) The folding process is one-step, so it’s easier to close than most strollers. 5) It even has a cute little bell.  The Bumbleride has so many more features but these are my favorites.

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Must-Have Fitness Items for Expecting & New Moms (as seen on CBS LA)