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FlapJackKids Convertibles have arrived at Sleepy Hollow Children’s Furniture and Accessories in Ottawa! We are excited to carry three popular products which all feature UPF 50+ sun protection.

Kids Sun Hats

The flagship product, these reversible 100% hats feature cute embroidered images and embroidered text on both sides. To help deter little hands from pulling off their hats, reversible chin straps are included on both the small and medium sizes. Bigger children will appreciate the fact the large size hat does not include a chin strap.

The hats are offered in three sizes:
Small (Ages 6 mo to 2 yr) – 20 inch circumference
Medium (Ages 2 yr to 4 yr) – 21 inch circumference
Large (Ages 4 yr to 6 yr+) – 22 inch circumference

Two-Sided Totes

The two-sided totes are made with a 100% cotton canvas exterior. They have a smooth interior lining with a single pocket, a soft rope handle and adorable embroidered designs on both sides.

Cover Ups

The reversible cover ups are wonderfully soft and truly absorbent. They all feature a beautiful design on the front, a clever imprinted saying on the back and a reversible hood. And yes, it’s true – the cover ups all have UPF 50+ sun protection.

At FlapJackKids, the goal is to thrill both kids and parents. They use high-quality, soft, durable fabrics. The sun hats provide UPF 50+ protection (blocking out 99.9% of the sun’s rays) to help keep little ones safe from the sun. FlapJackKids products are currently available in over 2,500 stores around the world, including Sleepy Hollow Children’s Furniture in Ottawa!


Shirley and Jacqueline are a mother and daughter team with a passion for design, a drive to create and a love for working together. Their products are convertible, reversible, changeable…and truly lovely or “luvali”. While the original focus of the company was on the Luvali handbags with interchangeable slipcovers, the product line was expanded thanks to the little people in their lives.

FlapJackKids grew straight from a mother’s heart. Named after the founder’s son Jack, this line of reversible products can be flipped like a pancake. As a mom, Jackie knew how important it was for children to cover their heads in both warm and cold weather. When Jack refused to wear a hat, it was time to put the fun in functional! With the invention of a unique line of parent-approved toppers, Jack forgot all about hats and became a parrot or a pirate, a lion or a monkey, a shark or a crocodile depending on the day. There was no limit to his imagination!