Bunk beds and Loft beds for Kids

Girls and Boys bunkbed furniture sets to suit any style

At Sleepy Hollow Children’s Furniture, we help families make the most of their space. For this reason, we offer an extensive selection of beautifully crafted furniture, including bunk beds and loft beds.

Kids Bunk Beds

A bunkbed is a type of bed where one bed frame stacks on top of the other. In years past, bunk beds featured a twin-over-twin design. In recent years, manufacturers addressed a market demand for twin-over-double, double-over-double, and twin-over-queen models.

Loft Beds

A loft bed is typically a bed frame which offers a desk or play area underneath of a bed. Some manufacturers refer to loft beds in terms of height: low or high.

matrix loft bedsLow loft beds are ideal for the juvenile age set. Designs are accessible and safe, with plenty of features to enhance both sleep time and playtime. At Sleepy Hollow, the Maxtrix bunkbed line is popular with both parents and children. Maxtrix uses durable hardwoods and the low loft beds have amazing elements. From built-in storage to functional stairs, the slides, tents and canopies also add to the “wow” factor.

In contrast to low loft beds, high loft beds are popular with our youth and teen clients. High loft beds provide improved footprints, with some models boasting desks, bookcases and other design elements which combine bedroom and workspaces into one.

trundle beds for kids ottawaRegardless of which model you choose, bunk beds and loft beds play an integral role in maximizing available floor space in your home. Thanks to the wide variety of colours, features, designs and configurations, rest assured you will find the perfect piece of furniture to match both your child’s and your own taste at Ottawa’s premier destination for family-friendly furniture – Sleepy Hollow Children’s Furniture.

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