As Ottawa’s largest supplier of infant, children and youth furniture, Sleepy Hollow takes the safety, health, wellness and well-being of children very seriously.

Children are acutely sensitive to environmental factors, especially while their brains and bodies are growing. Children breathe at a faster rate than adults, therefore their bodies inhale and process higher doses of indoor air pollution. This is where the Greenguard Certification process, a scientifically proven system designed to meet the world’s most stringent emission standards, comes into play.

As you shop at Sleepy Hollow, take note of the products which carry a Greenguard Gold Certification. Manufacturer’s who have achieved the coveted Greenguard Gold status have met or exceeded not only the low-emitting furniture criteria, but have met additional qualifications regarding VOCs, Formaldehydes and Phthalates. The Greenguard Gold certification logo is your guide to the best of the best: furniture designed for homes, daycares, and schools where children spend a significant amount of time.

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