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Over 30 different styles on display for you to try!

A Glider chair is very useful for breast feeding, as well as perfect for quiet time and reading with your child. With so many styles, wood colour and fabrics to choose from, the Glider is not just for the nursery – it is perfect for any room in your home.

By trying out all the different models, you will be able to find the glider that is the most comfortable for you.  And to rest your tired legs, there are matching ottomans available as well.

With over 30 different styles – including colour samples of fabric, leather and wood stain options – on display for you to try, you are sure to find the Glider that fits you, your style, and budget the best. Gliders typically ship in 2 – 3 weeks, and will be available for pick up here at the Sleepy Hollow store or can be delivered directly to your home.

Perfect for:

  • breast feeding
  • personal quite times, reading, etc.
  • bonding times with your child
  • reading to your child

VISIT OUR SHOWROOM > 1650 Queensdale Ave, Ottawa, Ontario

sleepy hollow baby store in ottawa

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